Project: Fish Consumption Safety

NWI Global has been working with EnviroIssues since 2008 to help them inform the public about the environmental issues the community faces. They hope to make the community a safer, healthier and overall better place for people to live, and part of accomplishing that goal is community outreach and educating the public.

EnviroIssues Fish Consumption Safety English Source

In this project, NWI Global was tasked with recreating a small brochure and a poster with information about the safety of consuming the fish in the Duwamish River. When it comes to public health and safety, it is important that the message reaches every community member, no matter what language they speak.

EnviroIssues Fish Consumption Safety Hmong Translation

NWI Global translated the brochure and poster into 8 different languages – Chinese, Hmong, Cambodian (Khmer), Korean, Lao, Mien, Tagalog and Vietnamese. The translators had to be knowledgeable about different fish species in order to properly execute the translations. NWI Global’s team of linguists was well prepared for the task.

The design team was also up to the challenge in this case, working with Adobe Illustrator files and Adobe InDesign files to match the original formatting of the English source files.