Project: Episode 314 – Mommy Dearest

NBC’s TV series Grimm is filmed in Portland, Oregon, and the show frequently reaches out to local vendors for various tasks. As NWI Global’s headquarters is located just across the river from Portland, in Vancouver, Washington, Grimm’s resident linguistic consultant contacted the NWI Global team for assistance with languages they do not have on their regular roster.

Grimm Episode 314 TV Screen Cap 1
WU’S GRANDMOTHER (in Tagalog):

…And then the Aswang flicked its long black tongue and began to feast on the baby… 


…At pagkatapos, inilabas ng Aswang ang mahaba at itim nitong dila at kinain nito ang sanggol…


(aht pahg-kah-TAH-pohs, eeh-knee-, lah-‘bahs nahng ahs-‘wahng anhg mah-‘hah-bah aht ee-‘teem nee-‘tohng ‘dee-lah aht kee-‘nah-een nee-‘toh anhg sahng-‘gohl)

For this particular project, the featured legend was from the Philippines –the Aswang (see Mommy Dearest – Episode 314). NWI Global produced a translation of the script in Tagalog for several scenes. The actors were also provided with pronunciation guides produced by the NWI Global team.

Grimm Episode 314 TV Screen Cap 2
SAM (in English):

I won’t do it!


Hindi ko ‘yun gagawin!


(heen-‘dee koh yoon ‘gah-gah-,ween)

BROTHER (in English):

You’re only delaying the inevitable.


Pinapatagal mo lang ang hindi maiiwasan.


(pee-‘nah-pah-tah-gahl moh LANG ahng heen-DEE mah-eeh-eeh-WAH-sahn)

The scenes were used in Episode 14, Season 3. NWI Global’s contribution added the element of authenticity that Grimm is known for, attracting fans from all over the world.