Pacific Science Center

Project: Educator’s Handbook

In this project, NWI Global worked with Pacific Science Center to recreate an Educator’s Handbook in Spanish. The handbook was designed to help educators teach their students about health and wellness in a fun and scientific way through activities and playful descriptions.

The language of the original English file was fun and challenging for the translators to work with, as the target audience was intended for teachers who teach Kindergarten through third grade. The translators needed to be both knowledgeable in the scientific terminology used, as well as be able to play with the Spanish language in order to convey the messages in the same playful tone the English used.

Pacific Science Center English Source
Pacific Science Center Spanish Translation

NWI Global’s design team also had fun with this project. Because Spanish expands in comparison to English, matching the formatting can be a challenge. The English source file was beautifully designed, and the Spanish was matched to the original formatting, so English-speaking teachers and Spanish-speaking teachers all had the same beautiful tool to work with.