Happy Birthday to NWI Global!

We’re pleased to announce that today is our one year anniversary doing business as NWI Global. It has been an exciting year for us and our industry.

This month also marks our 23rd year in business, which is quite an achievement in itself. As we celebrate our anniversary, I’d like to share some highlights with you from the past year.

We moved to a new office

As our lease was coming to an end in our old office space, we had a decision to make whether to stay or move. Because we were positioning our company for growth, we decided to move into a new office located just a few blocks away from our old location.

The new office is a combination of open space and individual suites. We determined this layout would be perfect for us to expand our business in the areas we’re targeting. This includes document translation and e-learning localization for enterprise and government clients.

We expanded our geographical footprint

Within the past year, we expanded our sign language interpreter referral services to all 50 states. Just a year prior, we only provided this service in 9 states.

Having the ability to match certified and qualified interpreters with clients on a national level is something we are continually investing in.

We added new service capabilities

In an effort to meet an ongoing demand of our enterprise clients, we added audio and video capabilities to our service offerings.

This includes voice-over services, video graphics, and subtitles work. Certain e-learning projects require all of these services in multiple languages, raising the level of complexity that require the special expertise we now provide.

We experienced steady growth

It was a risky decision for us to start doing business as NWI Global, since so many of our clients were used to our old brand, Northwest Interpreters, Inc. The rebranding process required months of planning and staging, for everything to go smoothly on launch date. And smoothly it went.

When we compared our numbers for the period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, we saw an increase of 31% on the revenue side. On the cost side, we were able to reduce expenses through automation and technological improvements. Less paper used, less mail sent.

Our plan for the upcoming year

We realize that sustaining such growth is going to be challenging. We are ready for that challenge. As a part of our plan, we will continue focusing on serving enterprise and government clients, delivering quality, consistency and ease of use with all the services we offer.

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

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