Northwest Interpreters, Inc. is now NWI Global

Why We Rebranded

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the need for translation and interpretation services throughout the United States.

Institutions nationwide are now relying on us for American Sign Language (ASL) services, Fortune 500 companies now look to us for translating content to serve a global audience, more businesses than ever before count on us to provide in-person interpreters for conferences, and that’s just to name a few services we provide!

We have had the privilege for over 22 years to serve as one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading language service companies, yet our clientele is expanding nationwide, and we want to expand with them.

Our Commitment to You

With this growth, our name is changing to NWI Global.

However, what is not changing is our commitment to delivering accurate, efficient, and responsive service.

Many of our clients tell us that our commitment to being there for them, whenever and with whatever they need, is something they greatly cherish.

It has been our goal, and will continue to be our goal to give the same high-quality service to our smallest business clients as we do to our global clients.

Our vision is to help more and more companies break the language barriers that are keeping them from reaching a global audience. If that’s your challenge, we can help.

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  1. Tika Dhungana
    Tika Dhungana says:

    I am certified interpreter for the state of Pennsylvania,have been translating and interpreting since 2010.Can I be a part of your team?


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