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13 Translation Errors That Can Ruin Your Content

Producing content for your business is a thoughtful, careful, and important process. You apply significant time and resources to creating content that is relevant and memorable for your target audience. Once you’ve got it just right, you may be ready to have your content translated. Making the decision to translate your materials into one or […]

How Teamwork Leads to Quality Translations

Let’s say you’re planning to get some materials translated. You’re prepared to pay for professional translation services, because you understand the benefits. You’ve even found a language service company (LSC) that you trust, and you’re ready to get a quote. However, you’re still hesitant, because you want to know with 100% certainty that you’ve received […]

17 Attributes that Make a Good Translator

Your company is about to expand its operations into other countries and you have a localization project in the pipeline to go along with the expansion. You are now ready to build your localization project team. Project managers, translators, proofreaders, editors, and desktop publishing specialists are just some of the key people that may be […]